my audacious goal for this year

Something that’s weighing on me every day now… I haven’t published an album of my own family for nearly three and a half years. 

I am reminded of this by my four year old who keeps asking why there isn’t more than one album featuring him. So now I’m on the hunt to carve out time for my own photo album sorting. 

I’m going to dedicate time every week to putting aside photos for the album(s). And by publishing this blog I’m hoping to make that habit actually a habit. My audacious goal is to get up to date with my albums by the end of the year PLUS book my own family photo session.

It’s really hard to do though, right? So I thought I might share some of my tips that are working for me as I journey back through my phone storage, my WhatsApp chats, and my own photo catalogue in Adobe Lightroom for precious memories. 

  1. Make it a daily habit. Five minutes a day helps you chip away at the task of going through the history and saving the best bits. 
  2. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Find the photos that speak to the emotion of the moment or event and then select the best of the bunch. Even if it isn’t a perfect photo. Better to have the moment than to not include it at all. 
  3. Create folders for significant events. This makes it easier when crafting your album and selecting the photos to go on the page.
  4. Elevate your game with pro photos. Professional photos really stand out and elevate your annual family album. Use them for the cover, the centre, and the final page - or the whole album of course ;) 

I’ve waited too long to get family photos done and now I’m in angst about the situation. So I’m writing this blog to encourage you to not make the same mistake: we have to get sorted and book this in before they get any older. And then be sure to print them so the kids can have that joy of looking back at the younger versions of you and themselves. Get in touch if you'd like to book your family in for a photo shoot to capture them in 2024.


Pictured: The Lloyd Family, photographed December 2023 <3