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"Rebecca somehow, magically, makes the experience of having your photo taken relaxed and comfortable, even fun. And it shows in the photos. I don't think I've ever been so happy with photos of me, and I really feel she has captured the essence of my spirited kid, as well as our connection to each other. I'm thrilled with the photos."

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The BEST family photo experience ever! The least amount of tears and tantrums. The kids did alright too. Seriously though, such a skilled professional in managing the process and the photos were spectacular.

Dr Wood

Victoria Vincent photographed in her Nelson studio, 2022


Jan Preston

In a career spanning more than four decades I have had multiple professional photo sessions, but none so good as those images of me captured by Rebecca McMillan. Her level of skill, lighting, attention to detail and sure-footed creativity is staggering.

In using her photos I have also never received so many positive comments from both professionals in the industry and through social media. I would highly recommend Rebecca McMillan Photography without hesitation!

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