Here we are with a new scar on my back to celebrate. I caught melanoma before it caught me. I asked my Dr for a referral. I have fair skin and both my parents have had melanoma, and I’m over 40. But I thought I was just being extra cautious. Turns out I was listening to my body (and the scientific evidence of risk factors and causation). After a brisk inspection they found a dodgy mole on my back. Removed it straight away, and the results came back confirming early stage melanoma. 

My new scar is the second surgery where they remove more skin to be sure they got it all. 

I wear my freckles with pride, and I’m not silly about sun exposure. I use sunscreen every damn day. I can probably count on my fingers the bad sunburns I’ve had in my lifetime. But that’s all it takes. A bad sunburn and really fair skin. 

So this is your reminder to get your spots checked. And don’t wait for a new scar as the reason to have your portrait taken. 

Kia kaha

X Rebecca