Capture the moments so that your event become unforgettable

I used to work for one of New Zealand's premier events: the New Zealand International Film Festival. I started out as Publicist and becoming Communications Manager during my time. I worked with an incredible, passionate team delivering the nationwide celebration of cinema each winter for over a decade. This wonderful not-for-profit work taught me many things about events and about marketing events. And it helped me on my journey to photography as a career that I'm incredibly passionate about. I've been photographing events in Wellington (and beyond) since 2017. I take the following approach to my work whether its photographing conferences, social occasions, festivals, or opening nights and launches.

Tell the story with one beautiful image rather than ten mediocre images

As the client, I know that you don't want hundreds upon hundreds of images to scroll through to try and find the gems. You want excellent, impactful images that you can share on socials, with your attendees, or to publish in newsletters and on your website. For every ten so-so images the power comes in having a refined selection of incredible images that tell the story of what your event meant, and what the experience was like.

Capture the moments so that your events become unforgettable

The power of professional photography means that an album of your event can speak volumes about what it was like to be there, who was there, and how successful the occasion was. Hosting events with special guests and a large audience turnout but no photographic evidence can be heartache. Being able to show what your hard work looked like, whether for your organisation, funders and supporters, but also as a memento for everyone who attended.

Go wide, and get in close

Coverage is key: I always aim to capture a range of different types of images for an event. That might be the close-up details of marketing collateral on the delegate tables at a conference, candid shots of people interacting at an opening night function to show the energy and atmosphere, or wide shots to show the scale of the room and the audience.

Three memorable events that I have photographed:

Katherine Mansfield House and Garden Fundraiser with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Birth photography: capturing baby's first moments in the world

The Jim Henson Retrospectacle featuring Kermit the Frog and Big Bird

Get in touch for your next event

If you're considering photography for your next event then I'd love to hear from you. Whether your event is a conference that requires a mix of event coverage and headshots, or a family reunion that deserves professional photos, I can provide quotes with an hourly rate, or quote project fees for half day and full day events. Contact me at or call 0274 555 061.